Friday the 13th. The Day of the Goddess.

Happy Friday the 13th!!! Is this a day that makes you want to curl up and hide from a world of supersition? Or is it a day that you celebrate?

Did you know that the Friday the 13th’s are days to honour your Inner Goddess? A day for creating and celebrating life. A day for you to take some time to tune into your emotions, a day to give thanks for the life you have.

Friday was named after the planet Venus, the planet of Love, and the number 13 is a number connected to this planet as well. Venus is the planet of love, feminiinity, and fertility.

Instead of fearing this day, celebrate Venus!!!! The Goddess of love wear red, carry and work with rose quartz, tap in and embrace you feminity. Worship you, your Divine feminine. Take some time to manifest and to connect to your womb. The number 13 holds the essence of our female energy, and is the number of death and rebirth, creation, transformation, and fertility. Nourish your soul.

Venus is the epitome of feminine energy, Her energy reminds us to rest, relax and play. Its time to reclaim your feminie power ladies, and honor yourself on this day of the Goddess.

Friday the 13ths are days for transformation, love and a day to honor and celebrate you, Goddess.

So today I challenge you to take some time to honor you as the beautiful, Divine Goddess that you are.

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be lead by your dreams”

Nothing can dim the light that shines within

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