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“I wish to live a life that causes my Soul to dance inside my body.” ~ Dele Olanubi

Tabatha Foster ~ Owner of Oh My Soul and Journey ~ Co Owner of The Soulful Boutique

Tabatha Foster – Founder and Owner of Oh My Soul and Journey

My name is Tabatha Foster founder of Oh My Soul and Journey.  I am a Reiki Master, Chios Master, S.A.C Practitioner, CCMBA practitioner. I have studied Chakras, Gem Stones, Meditation, Reiki for Weight Loss, and Colour Energy.

It has become my passion to help, support and motivate people as they begin their journey or are taking the next steps as they work towards making changes for their well-being. You will not be alone in your journey. Together we will discover or rediscover your passions, hopes and dreams for a life that is balanced ~ Mind, Body and Soul.

My journey gives my soul great fulfillment to watch as others bloom into their potential lives and live a life filled with purpose.

Tara O’Toole ~ Yoga Instructor

Tara O’Toole Oh My Soul and Journey’s Yoga Teacher. She is a very passionate about a holistic approach to healthy living. She firmly believes that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Exercises that incorporate these three pillars of wellness can improve your overall performance and well-being. She has found Yoga to be a huge factor in keeping these pillars activated and balanced. She loves how each pose strengthens one muscle, stretches another muscle, and adds additional groovy health benefits. She has experienced consistent benefits such as; gaining strength, balance, concentration, confidence, and gratitude, and because of this decided she had to teach others so she could share these amazing gifts. Tara looks forward to seeing you on the mat at Oh My Soul

Sherry Bamford~ Psychic Medium

“Mediumship is a spiritual endevour that aims to heal, console, uplift, empower and validate our existence beyond our physical body. “

Sherry is one of my Soul Sisters and friends, and a very important part of Oh My Soul and Journey.

As a loving, passionate and carring medium, Sherry has the ability to talk to spirit. Her channeled readings includedall aspects of what is happening in your life, this she very passionate about connecting with your loved ones who have passed over as well as tapping into messages from your guides,angels or past lives.

Please message for individual readings or group messages.

Barb McFarlane~ Co Owner Operator of Oh My Soul and Journey’s Soulful Boutique

Barb is my Soul Sister and friend. I am blessed to have by my side. She is one of my halves that make me whole. I would be lost without her. She is magical and her very presence transforms you into a happier being. She runs the boutique and helps to make it a magical place to assist you on your journey to a balanced Mind, Body and Soul.

We are blessed to have Shannon Leavitt-Brown part of our soul family at Oh My Soul and Journey. Shannon is a certified foot reflexologist and is also certified in teaching parents and gurdians, to do reflexology session for their babies and children. Reflexology can help with digestive, respiratory issues, anxiety, sleep, teething and more.I am actually located in New Brunswick, but I do offer a self-taught/on line course that parents can learn as well.If you are interested in learning reflexology for your children, please visit my website or fb page or email me!Website: http://www.shannonreflex.ca/child-reflexology-classes.html

Ruby Louise~ One of Oh My Soul and Journey’s Soul Sisters and Tarot Reader. We are excited to welcome Ruby to our circle of Goddesses. She brings with her amazing knowledge of tarot, numbers, spiritual guidance.

Ruby started readining tarot at the age of sixteen, and then went on to study at Tarot Readers Academy, and continues to study daily! Tarot cards are her divination tool that she uses to tap into her intuituion and the wisdom of universal energy that guides her insight into the past, present and future. Once you have formulated your quesion, you can chose one of Ruby’s many decks from traditional to funky as you draw cards guiding her through your reading.

Arron Weeks~ One of The Soulful Boutiques Goddess. We are blessed to have Arron as part of our circle of Goddesses. Her strong vision, big heart, integrity, vlaue and hard work at our magaical boutique has us very thankful she is part of our amazing community.

Kaleena Lawless of LUNA Belly Dance ~ Her goal as a teacher is to offer a space for women to learn to dance that provides fun and fitness and a way to tap into your inner goddess. To introduce you to an art form that truly connects women to their bodies, challenges the mind and nourishes your soul.

When Kaleena was training to be a belly dancer, she was the kind of student taking classes every day with the best teachers available to her, she has designed her classes with these positive experiences in mind and wants to pass this gift on to the women in Saint John.

I am so very fortunate to have met Kaleena and to have her become not only part of my amazing circle of like minded, but also to call her my friend. My heart is full that she is willing to share her amazing talents with us at Oh My Soul.

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