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“I wish to live a life that causes my Soul to dance inside my body.” ~ Dele Olanubi

Tabatha Foster

Tabatha Foster – Founder and Owner of Oh My Soul and Journey

My name is Tabatha Foster founder of Oh My Soul and Journey.  I am a Reiki Master, Chios Master, S.A.C Practitioner, CCMBA practitioner. I have studied Chakras, Gem Stones, Meditation, Reiki for Weight Loss, and Colour Energy.

It has become my passion to help, support and motivate people as they begin their journey or are taking the next steps as they work towards making changes for their well-being. You will not be alone in your journey. Together we will discover or rediscover your passions, hopes and dreams for a life that is balanced ~ Mind, Body and Soul.

My journey gives my soul great fulfillment to watch as others bloom into their potential lives and live a life filled with purpose.

Shauna Uma

Shauna Uma - Certified Hatha Instructor
Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Shauna is a certified Hatha yoga instructor who did her training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram Retreat in the Bahamas in 2012. Since then she has become a certified Children’s yoga and Prenatal yoga instructor.

She spent her first 2.5 years teaching in Fredericton, at her studio Sat Nam Yoga, before moving to Grand Bay-Westfield. Over the past 4.5 years she has taught around the Saint John area and has been an Ambassador for Lolë.

She is currently taking a certification in Kundalini Yoga at the Baba Siri Chand Yoga Ashram in Millis, Massachusetts. Shauna walks a yogic lifestyle and teaches all levels of yoga. She can show you the tools you can use to transcend emotional states and live a more healthy, happy and content life.

Sarah Aucoin

Yoga Instructor

Through all of life’s ups and downs, yoga has been the one constant in her life. The greatest lesson, among many, that she’s taken from yoga is an awareness. An awareness of her physical body, how it works and speaks to her, an awareness of her surroundings, and an awareness of her inner thoughts. Sarah has been practicing yogini since 2003. Sarah first fell in love with yoga in a tiny space in uptown Saint John. Since then Sarah has travelled extensively around the world, always bringing her yoga mat!

Kalenna Lawless

Founder of LUNA Belly Dance

Kaleena is the founder of LUNA Belly Dance. She has been belly dancing since 2009 for public and private events and was a teacher and rehearsal assistant at Om Laila Studio in Toronto where her teacher, Roula Said rounded her education with Middle Eastern Music and Song. She learned percussion including finger cymbals (zils, sagat), the drum (darbuka, doumbek), rhythms of the Middle East, and singing/song translation for Arabic Music.

Kaleena loves to teach belly dance and uses stories and humour in addition to her holistic, spiritual, and somatic movement training to share her passion for belly dance with students at Oh My Soul and Journey. She promotes dance as an activity for all ages, body types, and experience levels in a fun and upbeat environment.  LUNA Belly Dance is also committed to giving back to the community. Kaleena and her students will be participating in Shimmy Mob again this year, which is a fundraiser and awareness campaign for domestic violence. Funds raised are donated directly to shelters in Saint John. Visit, www.lunabellydance.com

Tara O’Toole

Greetings! My name is Tara O’Toole. I am very passionate about a holistic approach to healthy living. I firmly believe that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Exercises that incorporate these three pillars of wellness can improve our overall performance and well-being. Personally, I’ve found Yoga to be a huge factor in keeping these pillars activated and balanced. I love how each pose strengthens one muscle, stretches another muscle, and adds additional groovy health benefits. Once I experienced consistent benefits such as; gaining strength, balance, concentration, confidence, and gratitude, I decided I had to teach others so I could share these amazing gifts. I look forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste

Rachelle Losier

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years. It has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and live each moment more mindfully. One of my favorite things is to gather with others and break boundaries together. I enjoy cooking, biking, and learning. I love listening to music, hiking nature trails, and liberating my artistic expression.

Yoga may not always be easy, but it generates a sense of peace and joy. I’m amazed by how it creates freedom and release from obstacles in the body, spirit and breath. My mission is to nurture the health and well-being of adults, specially seniors. I offer age-friendly yoga, seated stretching classes, wellness coaching, and artistic workshops.

I’m known for combining imaginative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration in my classes. I offer thought-provoking meditations as I encourage growth of the physical and spiritual self. My hope is that each participant feels refreshed, nourished and grounded

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