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Welcome to the Oh My Soul and Journey Family Stephanie!!

Welcome to the Oh My Soul and Journey Family Stephanie. I am blessed to have you part of the studio. ❤

Steph was first exposed to yoga in Toronto at a body positive studio back in 2015 and she’s been hooked ever since! With a background in power lifting she noticed some muscle stiffness that limited her range of motion. A friend suggested she take a yoga class to help stretch out her muscles and after her first class, Steph discovered so much more. Her love for yoga grew and last year she took her teacher training to become a certified instructor. Teaching primarily Hatha yoga she also works with older adults with limited range of motion and has experience in teaching chair yoga. Steph has a fondness for accessibility and believes strongly that everybody and every body should be able to practice yoga. She considers herself a student for life always learning new forms and evolving her practice to meet her students needs. 

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One of those weeks

I am so glad it’s Friday!!
This week has been crazy for me.
Waiting for test results and not getting answers, crazy kid energies, a pulled muscle in my back.
It has drained my cup!
Sometimes we just have one of those days, weeks and that’s ok. Just remember to honour it and yourself and don’t let yourself stay in it.
Do something to change your energy:

~Clear yourself, with sage or aura spray.
~ take a detox tub
~use your crystals
~ journal
~ go for a walk
~ hug a tree
~ use some oils
~ pull some cards
~ meditation
~self reiki or a reiki session
~Talk it out with a “Sista”

The list goes on, but what lifts me the most is being with like minded beautiful people. The ones that make your heart smile, that just get you, support you and help you honour yourself by just being there.

I am blessed to have an amazing Spirit Tribe.

Looking forward to spending time with some of them tonight.

What’s your favourite thing to do to raise your vibration?

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Give the Gift of Health and wellness this year. Help someone fill their cup.

Happy Friday to all you beautiful souls.

Are you getting ready for the holiday season? Trying to decide what to buy the people that you love the most in this world because they have everything and there house can’t hold one more trinket!!

Are you looking for the perfect Teacher gift? Secret Santa? Best Friend? Neighbour? Bus Driver? You know the list goes on and on.

The holidays can be a stressful time for us when we are trying to find that perfect gift. Trying to find a gift that can be meaningful and useful.

We are living in a stressful world right now, work is stressful, home life can be busy that we tend to forget to take some me time, to fill our cup. We get so depleted that we get tired, cranky, depressed etc.

This year at Oh My Soul and Journey, we are encouraging you to give the gift of Wellness, the gift of take some time to fill your cup.

Seasons Greetings From
Oh My Soul and Journey
Distant Connections
Heather Cronk- Nutritional Consulting and Holistic Health

Looking for a gift for a loved one? A teacher, parent, coach, work friend, yourself?

We have gift certificates for reiki, for readings, for naturopathic services.

There are punch passes on sale for 80.00 for a 10 session of yoga or meditation.

You can get gift certificates and let them decide what they want.

We have all your needs covered

Every purchase made you have a chance to win a gift for yourself as well.

Prize includes: one free yoga class, one free meditation class, a bottle of DoTerra essential oil, bottle of Vitamin d from Nutritional Consulting a gemstone and an hour read from Distant Connections.

Give the gift of Health and Wellness

Namaste Tabatha

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Kundalini Yoga


Oh My Soul and Journey  

Saint John’s Little Wellness Centre with a big heart

Oh My Soul and Journey is your home, a place to believe in your ability, to be motivated and supported as your journey on your path.

A place of healing, to nurture your personal and spiritual growth and development.

Did You Know?

OMSJ has Kundalini Yoga Monday’s @ 6:00 pm

With Shauna Uma

Shauna Uma - Certified Hatha Instructor

“Kundalini is one of the most spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond the asanas with its emphasis on opening the chakras through pranayama, meditation, mudras, bandhas, and chanting.”

Shauna is a certified Hatha yoga instructor who did her training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram Retreat in the Bahamas in 2012. Since then she has become a certified Children’s yoga and Prenatal yoga instructor.

She spent her first 2.5 years teaching in Fredericton, at her studio Sat Nam Yoga, before moving to Grand Bay-Westfield. Over the past 4.5 years she has taught around the Saint John area and has been an Ambassador for Lolë.

She is currently taking a certification in Kundalini Yoga at the Baba Siri Chand Yoga Ashram in Millis, Massachusetts. Shauna walks a yogic lifestyle and teaches all levels of yoga. She can show you the tools you can use to transcend emotional states and live a more healthy, happy and content life.

Drop in price: $10.00


10.00 Punch Pass: $80.00

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Oh My Soul and Journey  

Saint John’s Little Wellness Centre with a big heart

Oh My Soul and Journey is your home, a place to believe in your ability, to be motivated and supported as your journey on your path.

A place of healing, to nurture your personal and spiritual growth and development.

Did You Know?

That I have a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Naturopath at OMSJ.

A person smiling for the camera

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 Heather Cronk encompasses the whole body not just your diet. She will help you to get to the root cause of your health concerns by exploring your digestive health, stress levels, sleeping patterns, detoxification pathways, environment and so much more.

Heather is passionate about her work and is looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Looking to give the gift of health this Christmas!

Heather has Gift Certificates.

She has a promotion for 75.00 that includes a full comprehensive and intake and recommendations with a handout to get you started on a path to a healthy you.

For more information please call 506-609-1512

Or check out her Facebook page

Heather Cronk-Nutritional Consulting and Holistic Health

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Here is what’s Happening at Oh My Soul and Journey this week.


Oh My Soul and Journey  

Saint John’s Little Wellness Centre with a big heart


Monday ~ 10:30 am ~ Gentle Yoga with Rachelle

5:00 Dance Yoga with Rachelle

6:00 pm ~ Kundalini Yoga with Shauna

7:15 ~ Guided Meditation

Tuesday ~   4:45 pm ~ Dance Yoga with Rachelle

6:00 pm ~ Flow Yoga with Tara

7:00 pm ~ Dietary Consulting with Heather

Wednesday ~ 10:00 am Seated Yoga with Rachelle

5:30 pm ~ Wellness and Weight Support Group

7:00 pm ~ Dowsing Rods Workshop with Terri-Lynn McNichol

Thursday ~ 5:45 pm ~ Seated Yoga with Rachelle

6:30 pm ~ Individual Readings with Distant Connections

Friday ~ 5:45 pm ~ Seated Yoga

7:00 pm~ Crystals, Cards and Conversation

Saturday ~ 11:00 am Belly Dancing

12:30 and on ~ Distant Connections individual Readings

Sunday– Reiki Sessions 12-5 – (Full ~ but please message if interested)

7:00 pm Free Essential Oil Information Evening

Namaste Tabatha

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