Monday Motivation

Sept 27th, 2021

Happy Monday!!
Its a new day, a new week. Everything is a lesson and every lesson helps you take another step in your journey. A journey is your personal quest that you walk as you reconnect with your soul, as you find your authentic life’s purpose. Taking the time to face your obstacles. Walking the path to the centre of being- to balance Mind, Body and Soul. To find your inner peace. Where are you finding your Monday Motivation?
Me: I am finding my motivation in gratitude today. I am working hard remind myself to be grateful for all the amazing people in my life, and all the support they offer me. It is what is keeping me sane in the sea of crazy today.
Share your Monday Motivation.

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Mind ~Body~ Soul

How can you balance yourself Mind ~Body~ Soul?

One way is to stop, breathe, and think about the things that you appreciate, things that you are grateful for. Make a list first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. Taking a few moments to do this can help relieve stress, and to help us to live in joy.

You don’t have to wait for things to be perfect, to be grateful, living in gratitude will make things perfect.

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Happy September

I love this time of year, you can feel fall in the air, summer activities are winding down and the odd leaf is changing colour.

For me it is a time to get organized for the fall and winter seasons. Planning, cleaning, setting new goals and starting up groups again. I feel like it has been such a long long time since we have felt normal, it has been a long time that we are living in a world that is upside down and inside out. Trying to figure out what is right for ourselves and our families. We forget what it is like to be together supporting each other instead of well not.

If you are looking for a place to create some balance in your life, if you are looking for a place to feed your soul? If you are ready or need to expand your mind. If you are ready to strengthen yourself. Then come and join us at Oh My Soul and Journey, and be with liked minded people, we are a tribe, a unit a family, there to hold your hand, lend a shoulder so you never have to feel alone.

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Strawberry Moon 2021

Happy Strawberry Moon, Happy Full Moon. Use the energies of this the strawberry moon to release and let go of all that no longer serves you. “Don’t tell yourself the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon…..” Sending you all Full Moon Blessings of everything your heart desires. #innerjounrey#saintawesome#energy#magic#spiritualawakening#reiki#spirituality#innergoddess #fullmoon#fullmoonvibes#soulsjourney#ohmysoulandjourney#innerstrength#innerpeace

Flower Moon- May 26th, 2021~ A time of Renewal

Happy Flower Moon

This Full Moon, Super Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse is all about renewal and celebrating the joys of life as Mother Nature gifts us with her beautiful colors and sights of spring

.She is reminding you to bloom where you are planted, and you can grow and flourish anywhere you are planted, no matter the circumstances

Take advantage of this flower moon and be inspired to plant your garden of life, sowing your seeds of intention in fertile soil of hopes and dreams. Nurturing it with affirmations and positive energy. Then watch it bloom!

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Need a place to fill your cup?

Oh My Soul and Journey

West Sides Magical Wellness Centre

A place to Fill your Soul.

491 Prince Street West ~506-654-2833

~ Reiki

~Energetic Facelift

~Chakra Balancing

~Access Bars

~Energy Sessions


~Individual Spiritual Readings

~Group Readings

~Cranial Sacral Therapy

~Vibing With The Tribe

~Crystals Cards and Conversation

~Tea Talks

~ Class and Courses

Stay Tuned for more exciting new experiences coming to the studio!!

The Soulful Boutique a magical market with amazing products to assist you on your journey.  We supporter local businesses and are proud to have them part of our magical market.

I challenge you to take care of you first, to fill your cup. When you fill your own cup, it will overflow and then you can help others.

Self Care is not selfish.

It is necessary.

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Fill Your Cup

Fill Your Cup


Oh My Soul and Journey

We live in a world that is fast paced, we always want to go go go, we have a hard time slowing down. As women we wear so many hats, the work, mom, daughter, sister, friend, pet mom just to name a few, I bet you have a long list of hats you change on a daily.

Why is it that we have this belief that it is wrong to look after ourselves first? That it is wrong some how. We are always going going going, its no wonder most of us get depleted, that our cup is empty.

I challenge you to take care of you first, to fill your cup. When you fill your own cup, it will overflow and then you can help others.

Self Care is not selfish.

It is necessary.

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GemStone of the Week The Kumbamba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

The beautiful jasper is a crystal of peacefulness and harmony, infused with the Earth’s rejuvenation green energy. It’s vibrant green swirls and dark mystic rings are calming and relaxing and will help to heal your restless soul and preserve your body and soul’s harmony.

The meaning of this stone centers around peace and tranquility. It is often referred to as the Supreme Nurturer. This stone is all about bringing peace to your life. It possesses nourishing energy that’s brought on by nature itself.  And it’s a reminder of how precious the gift of interconnectedness with all life forms in the current, past, and beyond.

This stone, which is abundant in orbs and swirls of green and black is an amazing stone for relaxation and will bring calmness to your soul.

It’s dark mystic circles and deep green swirls comforts and protects, calms and relaxes, soothes troubled minds and restores balance to your body and soul.

Stimulating the heart chakra, the Kambaba draws its wisdom from its ancient life’s energies and encourages you to open your heart to the loving self and increases the ability to receive love in return.

This little gem is an excellent grounding stone but is also highly protective against psychic dangers or negative energies.

Like all jaspers, the Kambaba alleviates stress and induces tranquility. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and stabilizes the aura.  This makes it a perfect worry or rubbing stone for soothing nerves and increasing one’s focus and is an amazing stone to banish nightmares, this little beauty will help you sleep deep and peaceful.

These stones will provide strength for those who are broken hearted by love, rejection or sudden abandonment.

It can also be used to increase money flow, a great stone to place in your wealth and prosperity in your home or business. ( toss one in your cash register or in your wallet can you say abundance ) It is perfect for keeping a venture on course, a project on schedule and life on track. It is a talisman of physical growth and strength.

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Senior Yoga at Oh My Soul and Journey

Did you know that at Oh My Soul and Journey we have senior yoga?

“Come join our morning class aimed at older adults! In this class you are given the building blocks to start your own practice and the continued guidance of a dynamic  yoga instructor! You will be guided through gentle movement and flows with emphasis on alignment and body safety. This class is suitable for older adults who are looking to build muscle, develop better balance and posture and retain flexibility”

This is a fun and wonderful class. For all body types and ages.

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Love Yourself First