Monday Meditation

“What we think, we become.”

Each Monday night at this magical little studio, located 491 Prince Street west we gather to do guided meditation. It is a time for you to go inward, listen to what your inner you needs, and to fill your cup.

Meditation can connect you to your to you spirit. It takes you beyond those limited thoughts. If you allow yourself to be open, to relax and to just be in the moment you can tap into the depths of who you are, who you truly are.

With practice you can connected to your onesness, to connect to your higher self, the source of love, peace and the pure and loving energy that you are.

Meditation offers many benefits physically, mentally and emotionally, mind, body but most importantly it has a profound effect on your soul.

Join us every monday evening at 6:30 either in the studio or by zoom and you can:

~have a sense of being.

~ inner stillness.

~ inner peace.

~a strong and authentic sense of who you are on a soul level.

~ And a strong sense of belonging.

It can also improve:

~ your emotional state

~your immune system

~self confidence .

“Meditation is being in tune with your inner universe”

Namaste Tabatha

Belly Dancing At Oh My Soul and Journey

“If you want to start loving your body, teach it to move in ways you never thought it could. Belly Dance!”

NEW!!!! Intermediate Belly Dancing Class

Are you ready for a fun class? To learn to appreicate your body? Tap into your inner goddess and have lot of laughs?

Then join us……..

Classes at Oh My Soul and Journey 491 Prince Street are starting up Saturday September 17th.

Pre-Register $60 for 4 classes
$20 Drop In

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What is this little place~Called Oh My Soul and Journey.

Have you walked by 491 Prince Street West, just past Olsen’s? Have you wondered what it is? What is this place with a Goddess on the door and the name Oh My Soul and Journey. The smell of essential oils and sage drifting from the windows.  Have you wondered what is behind the door?

Let me share with you the magic that happens behind the doors!

Welcome to Oh My Soul and Journey.

“A place of healing, to nurture your personal and spiritual growth and development.” Oh My Soul and Journey is your home, a place to believe in your ability, to be motivated and supported, cared for and loved.  A space to reclaim balance ~ Mind, Body & Spirit”

A small homey little space I created to help you find your soul’s purpose. A safe, sacred space to listen to what your spirit wants to express.

A place created to heal.

A place to journey.

I am blessed to have filled this space with the most amazing women, building a community, a community of like minded. All who have the same vision, and the same hearts desires to make a difference in our city, our province, our world.

We will walk with you as journey, as you discover your potential and step into your best life.

This place that we have created, is a place to call home, a tribe to stand beside you a tribe that supports and each other, creating a powerful and sacred Goddess Circle, to enrich your development Mind, Body and Soul. A sisterhood that gathers to celebrate the big and the small happenings in your life, and to hold your hand so you never have to walk alone.

We offer something for everyone: Reiki, Yoga, Mediation, Spiritual Readings, Tarot Readings, Reflexology, Vibing with the Tribe, Belly Dancing, Senior Yoga, Tea and Talk, Senior Tea, drumming, Tea and Talks, Chakra Classes, Access Bars, Micro Blading just to name a few.

We have also created this amazing mystical magical boutique filled with treasure to assist you on your journey. The shelfs are filled by Saint John’s most amazing women artisans.  A place to pop in and have a cup of tea, a chat or to buy those magical things to assist you on your journey, to find a great gift for a friend, or yourself. Please feel free to check out Oh My Soul and Journey’s Soulful Boutique on facebook to give you more information.

“I first walked through the doors of OMSJ for an amazing Chakra Class.

It was that moment, my soul told me I was home. I had found my tribe of like minded strong woman. I give thanks everyday for that first day through the door. So ….take that step if you are wondering , you will never regret it.”

Oh My Soul and Journey is a welcoming and wonderful studio where you can learn, listen, share, become who you were meant to be!

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Happy Full Moon~ Happy Beaver Moon ~ Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Its a gloomy day here in Saint John NB, but even under the cloudy rainy skies you can feel the power, the energies of the moon and the eclipse.

Happy Full Moon ~ Happy Lunar Eclipse ~ Happy Beaver Moon~ Frost Moon- Taurus Moon. This moons energy is going to bring with it lots of shake ups, and unavoidable transformations. Full Moon energy governs our emotional self and is a perfect time to gain clarity and closure as the moon shines at its brightest during this phase and our energy and emotions are just as high. The moons bright light is here to shed her light assisting you in to see certain situations more clearly. Take the time to reflect and let go of things that no longer serve you and embrace endings. Take some time and see what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself- walk way those things that no longer serve your soul- keeping you from your highest potential.

Namaste Tabatha

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Reiki And Your Immune System

Did you know that reiki/energy can help improve your immune system, it evokes a balancing, self healing response from deep within our systems?

Our immune systems protect us from infections. Healthy immune system responds quicky and appropriately.

Reiki can play a role in reminding our bodies to shift into a self healing state which may help it to intensify its natural defence system.

Regular reiki/energy sessions can help to improve your immune system,  as it can evoke a balancing self healing response from deep within our systems.

Meaning when we are under unusual stresses like the pandemic, work stress, illness etc your can be more resilient to stay balanced and healthy and or help us to recover faster with the benefits of reiki.

Our poor bodies have been living under a lot of stress keeping us in fight mode, which upsets our body’s natural balance and immunity.

Reiki helps us to feel calm and peaceful, help us to let go, to release what no longer servers our souls. This helps to support our immune systems. When we are balanced mind, body, and soul it can make a difference in how we respond to challenges.

Reiki can also help with sleep, and we all know that good sleep patterns help us from feeling overwhelmed, less moody, less irritable and keeps our minds sharp so we can concentrate on our day.

When we feel good, we are not as anxious or overwhelmed, we don’t want to live on coffee and junk food. Our bodies is not looking for a “fix” to get us through the day.

Reiki can help your body restore its natural balance, making you feel better. When you feel better you function better, and you make better choices that help you stay happy and healthy.

Reiki does  not take the place of conventional medicine or replace the advice of your medical practitioners. Always consult your Dr before making any changes.

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Monday Motivation

Sept 27th, 2021

Happy Monday!!
Its a new day, a new week. Everything is a lesson and every lesson helps you take another step in your journey. A journey is your personal quest that you walk as you reconnect with your soul, as you find your authentic life’s purpose. Taking the time to face your obstacles. Walking the path to the centre of being- to balance Mind, Body and Soul. To find your inner peace. Where are you finding your Monday Motivation?
Me: I am finding my motivation in gratitude today. I am working hard remind myself to be grateful for all the amazing people in my life, and all the support they offer me. It is what is keeping me sane in the sea of crazy today.
Share your Monday Motivation.

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Mind ~Body~ Soul

How can you balance yourself Mind ~Body~ Soul?

One way is to stop, breathe, and think about the things that you appreciate, things that you are grateful for. Make a list first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. Taking a few moments to do this can help relieve stress, and to help us to live in joy.

You don’t have to wait for things to be perfect, to be grateful, living in gratitude will make things perfect.

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Love Yourself First