Nov Full Moon ~ Connecting with Your Inner Goddess

Welcome to the energy of the Nov Full Moon ~ The Beaver Moon~ Also know as the Frost Moon, or the Snow Moon. This moon will help us say good bye to the past year as we start to turn our focus inward, and towars focusing on self reflection. It is time to say good bye to the past and begin to take the steps to move forward with our new intentions ans our new dreams.

We are also in eclipse season which is a sign of a new beginning. Durning a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow falls across the moon, it can bring up buried feelings, the lunar energy encourages us to let go of those emotions and attachments that are no longer useful to us.

Under the power of the lunar eclipse take some time to cleanse the emotional baggage that is holding you down and back, set your intentions for rejuvenation and renewal. This time of reset allows us to see what is hidden in our subconscious and what is keeping you from seeing clearly.

Take some time under the power of this Nov Moon, it is the end of a cycle, a time where you can release all your emotions, all the stuff that you no longer need. Be open and welcom in new wisdom, new growth, new energies.

Be open to the divine guidance as you attune to earth’s natural rhythms which will allow you to connect to your Inner Goddess.

Clear the old energies in within your home and within yourself, using sage, palo santo, aura sprays, take a spritual bath, light a candle, use your oils, light incense, put on some healing music.

A full moon is a perfect time to meditate and connect with the Divine Energy. Meditating under the power of the full moon will help you connect to your higher self and your intuition.

” She felt the moon within her soul…..and just like the moon, she would rise up in the darkness to shine her light”

Blessings on the Full Moon

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