Did you know?

Have you been want to Breathe, Relax and Let Go?

Have you been looking for a space, a place a group of like mindeds, a sacred space to heal, growth and transform?

Oh My Soul and Journey, located 491 Prince Street West Saint John NB, is just that space. It is a place that you can walk through the doors and just breathe, just relax and a place to learn to let go. To find what your soul needs.

We are a safe and nurturing place that provides opportunities for total wellness of the mindbody & soul, by using a variety of modalities: Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, classes and courses and so so much more…… prices range from free and up. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone.

We are very proud of the community we are building, women supporting women. A place to build each other up.

If your soul is looking for something then our sweet little magical place may just be what it is looking for.

Check out our facebook page for more information.

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