Monday Meditation

“What we think, we become.”

Each Monday night at this magical little studio, located 491 Prince Street west we gather to do guided meditation. It is a time for you to go inward, listen to what your inner you needs, and to fill your cup.

Meditation can connect you to your to you spirit. It takes you beyond those limited thoughts. If you allow yourself to be open, to relax and to just be in the moment you can tap into the depths of who you are, who you truly are.

With practice you can connected to your onesness, to connect to your higher self, the source of love, peace and the pure and loving energy that you are.

Meditation offers many benefits physically, mentally and emotionally, mind, body but most importantly it has a profound effect on your soul.

Join us every monday evening at 6:30 either in the studio or by zoom and you can:

~have a sense of being.

~ inner stillness.

~ inner peace.

~a strong and authentic sense of who you are on a soul level.

~ And a strong sense of belonging.

It can also improve:

~ your emotional state

~your immune system

~self confidence .

“Meditation is being in tune with your inner universe”

Namaste Tabatha

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