Happy Full Moon~ Happy Beaver Moon ~ Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Its a gloomy day here in Saint John NB, but even under the cloudy rainy skies you can feel the power, the energies of the moon and the eclipse.

Happy Full Moon ~ Happy Lunar Eclipse ~ Happy Beaver Moon~ Frost Moon- Taurus Moon. This moons energy is going to bring with it lots of shake ups, and unavoidable transformations. Full Moon energy governs our emotional self and is a perfect time to gain clarity and closure as the moon shines at its brightest during this phase and our energy and emotions are just as high. The moons bright light is here to shed her light assisting you in to see certain situations more clearly. Take the time to reflect and let go of things that no longer serve you and embrace endings. Take some time and see what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself- walk way those things that no longer serve your soul- keeping you from your highest potential.

Namaste Tabatha

#fullmoon #fullmoonenergy #eclipse #FullMoonGoddess #GoddessEnergy #innerhappiness #innerpeace #mediation #reiki

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