Reiki And Your Immune System

Did you know that reiki/energy can help improve your immune system, it evokes a balancing, self healing response from deep within our systems?

Our immune systems protect us from infections. Healthy immune system responds quicky and appropriately.

Reiki can play a role in reminding our bodies to shift into a self healing state which may help it to intensify its natural defence system.

Regular reiki/energy sessions can help to improve your immune system,  as it can evoke a balancing self healing response from deep within our systems.

Meaning when we are under unusual stresses like the pandemic, work stress, illness etc your can be more resilient to stay balanced and healthy and or help us to recover faster with the benefits of reiki.

Our poor bodies have been living under a lot of stress keeping us in fight mode, which upsets our body’s natural balance and immunity.

Reiki helps us to feel calm and peaceful, help us to let go, to release what no longer servers our souls. This helps to support our immune systems. When we are balanced mind, body, and soul it can make a difference in how we respond to challenges.

Reiki can also help with sleep, and we all know that good sleep patterns help us from feeling overwhelmed, less moody, less irritable and keeps our minds sharp so we can concentrate on our day.

When we feel good, we are not as anxious or overwhelmed, we don’t want to live on coffee and junk food. Our bodies is not looking for a “fix” to get us through the day.

Reiki can help your body restore its natural balance, making you feel better. When you feel better you function better, and you make better choices that help you stay happy and healthy.

Reiki does  not take the place of conventional medicine or replace the advice of your medical practitioners. Always consult your Dr before making any changes.

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