How Do you Balance Yourself Mind-Body-Soul?

Happy Monday!! It is a beautiful sunny Monday here in Saint John. The sun is streaming through my window making rainbows on my wall. Makes working a little bit happier when the sun is shinning through the window.

What do you do to help to make yourself feel good? To keep the balance Mind~Body~Soul?

We all are searching for the magic to help us feel better, to make us feel balanced and right now in this crazy world we need it more than ever.

When you are in alignment then you will become a happier, healthier and more balanced you. The best version of you. Sound simple. Not always.

One of the first things you need to think about is defining on your own terms what balance means to you. To have a vision of how you need to nourish your mind, body and soul each day.

Everyone keeps telling you that you need to create this magic- this version of a balanced life but do they really tell you how? We have so many things on our plates these days, family, work, relationships, money, responsibilities( spouses, significant others, children, fur babies, parents and who ever else fits into this category) Makes you wonder how you can fit in a little me time?

Well first I am going to tell you that it is possible, and secondly I am going to tell you that you need to fill your cup, when your cup is empty you can not possibly help others, or not successfully.

So if you are ready to lose those feelings of overwhelm, unfocused, and over all feeling like you are out of balance. And you are ready to stop struggling to find motivation and energy to life your best life. I am going to give you some tips and tricks.

  1. First start small, you don’t need any more overwhelm in your life.
  2. Remember to just breathe, I know sounds funny but you need to breathe nice long slow deep breathes and and nice slow exhales. ( come on try it, right now, just take a second and breathe- notice how it makes you feel lighter)
  3. Listen to some meditation music, or hertz music just play it softly in the background as you are working.
  4. Take a tub or a shower – use some good organic soap, or body wash, buy local, support your small business people ❤
  5. Meditate- Youtube has several great mediations
  6. Journal
  7. Practice Gratitude- list all the things you are grateful for.
  8. Eat something healthy
  9. Get out in nature
  10. Hug a tree
  11. Call a friend
  12. Hug someone- I know I know its covid, so hug someone in your bubble- We need human touch.
  13. Hold the door for someone
  14. Say hello
  15. donate old books or clothes
  16. Have a massage, or reiki
  17. Buy a gemstone
  18. sage yourself or and your home
  19. Sing
  20. dance

Take your pick, try one, give yourself permission to do the things that make your heart happy, define balance on your own terms. This will help to get you in a positive mindset and that is what will assist you in attracting balance into you life.

Breathe, and set the intention that you are going to get control of the overwhelm, and allow yourself to live in balance.

I know that it is not always easy as I have made it sound. If these tips are not helping then please reach out for help. Call your Dr, or naturopath, your spiritual leader, mental health, your friend, your family, your energy worker. You never have to be alone.

Namaste ❤ Tabatha

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