One of those weeks

I am so glad it’s Friday!!
This week has been crazy for me.
Waiting for test results and not getting answers, crazy kid energies, a pulled muscle in my back.
It has drained my cup!
Sometimes we just have one of those days, weeks and that’s ok. Just remember to honour it and yourself and don’t let yourself stay in it.
Do something to change your energy:

~Clear yourself, with sage or aura spray.
~ take a detox tub
~use your crystals
~ journal
~ go for a walk
~ hug a tree
~ use some oils
~ pull some cards
~ meditation
~self reiki or a reiki session
~Talk it out with a “Sista”

The list goes on, but what lifts me the most is being with like minded beautiful people. The ones that make your heart smile, that just get you, support you and help you honour yourself by just being there.

I am blessed to have an amazing Spirit Tribe.

Looking forward to spending time with some of them tonight.

What’s your favourite thing to do to raise your vibration?

riasingmyvibration #crazyweek #chakras #journeytoinnerpeace

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