Here is what’s Happening at Oh My Soul and Journey this week.


Oh My Soul and Journey  

Saint John’s Little Wellness Centre with a big heart


Monday ~ 10:30 am ~ Gentle Yoga with Rachelle

5:00 Dance Yoga with Rachelle

6:00 pm ~ Kundalini Yoga with Shauna

7:15 ~ Guided Meditation

Tuesday ~   4:45 pm ~ Dance Yoga with Rachelle

6:00 pm ~ Flow Yoga with Tara

7:00 pm ~ Dietary Consulting with Heather

Wednesday ~ 10:00 am Seated Yoga with Rachelle

5:30 pm ~ Wellness and Weight Support Group

7:00 pm ~ Dowsing Rods Workshop with Terri-Lynn McNichol

Thursday ~ 5:45 pm ~ Seated Yoga with Rachelle

6:30 pm ~ Individual Readings with Distant Connections

Friday ~ 5:45 pm ~ Seated Yoga

7:00 pm~ Crystals, Cards and Conversation

Saturday ~ 11:00 am Belly Dancing

12:30 and on ~ Distant Connections individual Readings

Sunday– Reiki Sessions 12-5 – (Full ~ but please message if interested)

7:00 pm Free Essential Oil Information Evening

Namaste Tabatha

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