Finding Balance

Good Morning, it is a cloudy cold damp day here in Saint John. A reminder that the lazy days of summer of behind us and those warm fall days have slid away. The winter days will soon be sliding in. Making us want to stay inside with a blanket and a cup of tea or your favourite hot beverage.

This morning when I pulled my card for my “Morning Message” it was the Balance card ~ ” I bring a state of perfect harmony into my world, and I do so without judgement”

It was reminding me to keep the balance between home life spending quality time with those I love but also being at the studio and doing what my soul loves. ( It is the place that fills my cup). I have to learn not to feel guilty when I am at home and being present with my hubby and puppies and not worrying about should I be at the studio, and being at the studio and thinking I should be home.

So do we find balance? Or do we create balance?

It really is about creating balance. Letting go of things, people, activities that don’t bring you joy, that make you dread going out the door. Keep the ones or find new ones that bring you joy, that fill your cup and makes you and your heart smile.

Its about setting boundaries, meaning what you will accept from people and their behaviours towards you. Get rid of those toxic people and surround yourself with positive supportive people who bring you joy. Who want to support you. Trust me they are out there. When you find your tribe, those group of people who get you, who are on a similar journey, who want what is best for you, who cheer your successes those people are your tribe. The ones who believe that together we are stronger.

I think this week is going to be all about balance and how we can create it. Come on back tomorrow for another tip.


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