I will Wear a Smile today….. Even when I feel like crying

Today I will find things to smile about even though my heart is sad. I will do this for my friend. Today we say Good Bye, well see you later. She was always smiling, I don’t remember a time that she didn’t. And she smiled from the depths of her heart.

Last night at the wake there were pictures of her and her life and every single one showed off that smile.

So in honour of her today I will find things that make me smile. One being my friendship with her and her family.

I will miss her, and she leaves a little hole in my heart. But I know that I will see her in her children, her grandchildren because when they smile it will be a piece of her smiling back.

My life is a little richer because we met! Thanks for our friendship. Thanks for the other amazing people I have met because you shared them with me. Thanks for being a huge part of my life and my circle of friends~family.

Till we meet again my friend.

Rest In Peace My Friend


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