Just like that…. Life Changes

Today the weather is gloomy, raining, damp and cold. Winter is getting ready to settle in no matter how I feel about it. Seasons change, if we are ready or not.

Just like life, it changes. It doesn’t wait till we are ready, it changes when its ready. This week we lost a good friend way to early, my heart is sad that she is gone for my own selfish reasons. But my heart is also happy that she does not have to suffer, she is reunited with her best friend her husband and her baby boy. The next part of journey begins with out the rest of us, we are left here to figure out how to live life without her beautiful sparkle.

I was blessed to know her, to become her friend. We didn’t see each other all the time, nor we the type of friends that called each other or texted everyday. Sometimes months would go by before we would see each other again. But when we did she would hug me and welcome me like it was just yesterday. I can say I never heard her utter a harsh word about anyone and she loved you with her whole being. She raised two amazing children who have grown up to love like their parents did. They are an amazing tribute to them. I know her sparkle lives on through them.

I love you my friend, thank you for being part of my world, for teaching me to how wonderful true friendship is. I will miss you! Till we meet again.

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