Not a People pleaser any more!

Nov 8th, 2019 it is a dreary day here in Saint John. Its damp and cold and it is starting to snow. BRRRR is the only word I can think of that fits the description of this morning.

This type of weather makes me want to curl back up in my warm bed with a cup of tea and a good book, or podcast.

Since I can’t do that I am waiting for my tea to be delivered by my wonderful hubby. And working on my to do list. Each time a get a few minutes of time I try to scratch something off.

I like lists, I like making them, I like checking things off with a big pretty coloured check mark, or swiping it with a high lighter. Weirdly it makes my heart smile, it keeps me organized and I am ok with it. It is who I am.

I have struggled in the past with changing the way I do things to fit into someone else’s box. I tried to things the way they did, because that is what a good old people pleaser did. You know that what I am talking about, being that person that makes life run easier for everyone making everyone else life simpler, happier, etc etc etc . You know that awesome wonderful person, that nice lady that can’t say no, that is always willing to do all the jobs, (most times the shitty jobs) that no one else wants to do. The thanks I can always count on you girl!!! Yep that was me. My whole life.

Well not anymore, because it does not work for me!! The only thing it did for me was make tired, actually exhausted, cranky. I didn’t get enough sleep, I didn’t eat properly. I smoked and drank diet coke. And it gave me the false sense of thinking I was accommodating everyone but myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I was living my best life ( or so I thought) I had great friends, and loved doing what I was doing. I was just burning myself out and not really living MY best life.

I will say this the Universe had bigger plans for me. A lot of the people who I met during these years have re joined me in my new life and our journeys have intertwined once again. So I know that I was meant to live the life I did so that I can know live the life I am.

So if you are getting tired of being in someone else’s box, give yourself permission to step out of it. And start learning how to live your best life. For you.

Take time to do things for you, look after you. When you fill your cup you are able to better help those around you. And you will do it because you want to, not because you have to.

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