Chapter 53 ~ Day 8

Hard to believe that I have been 52 for 8 days. The first week of my 53rd year has flown by. I was hoping to have my list of goals that I want to accomplish done for the year done, I was hoping to have my new year calendar plan started. I was hoping to have my eating habits on track. But NOPE – I have cleaned out my closet and gotten rid of a bunch of clothes and started walking in the mornings.

I can not seem to get myself organized. And let me tell you I got some good excuses: my age is slowing me down ( lol ), I am running two businesses and I am getting tired, I feel sluggish ( from horrible eating habits), I feel like there is no time for anything. And it stems from not be as organized. Which in itself drives me crazy. The vicious cycle.

So what am I going to do about it? Well I am going to break it down. Figure out a to do list for everyday, take one room at a time and clear and purge, and get rid of the stuff that does not serve my higher purpose. I need a calendar put up with what is happening daily, both here and at the studio. I work much better when my life has a plan. This year seems to have gotten the best of me.

Ok my excuses are on the table, now it is time to just get it done, or at least get started! This chapter is going to be a great one.

#gettingorganized #happiness #lookingafterme #fillyourcup #loveyourselffirst #innergoddess #innerpeace #innerhappiness #bestyearsofmylife #energy #moongoddess #goddess #love #crystals #moongoddess #newmoon #fullmoon #magik

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