Spiritual Alignment Connection

Join Mike Borgh, founder of the EnerQi Healing system, for this simple, yet amazingly powerful weekend.

Of all the different courses I have taken over the years, the Spiritual Alignment Connection (SAC) is one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

This simple yet powerful no-touch technique has the ability to open you up to levels of awareness you have only read about. It will take you personal growth and spiritual journey to a whole new level, by helping you to unlock your real gifts. Do not miss out on this opportunity to step into your authenticity.



Level I & Level II S.A.C ~ ‘No-Touch’ training.
There is no pre-requisite for this certification.
This class is 90% practical

6 out of 10 people will activate on the table ~ some will experience levitation, body movement, Kundalini activations and many people’s cranial will activate as well.

PLEASE keep in mind, that clients are feeling amazing afterwards. Imagine feeling your body, decompress, unblock, realigned and release all of the dense heavy energies stored in your body AND mind, allowing the healing to take place. This video will show you a MILD activation with levitation♥

Many who are coming for this course have experienced it. Once you get the body unblocked, unlocked and into its proper field … those movement will activate by itself and do what is needed to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Day 1 : SAC Level 1
~ Recalibration of hands 4d/5d
~ The no hands technique
~ FULL body calibration (your treatment)
Day 1 added bonus
~ The collapse
~ The higher self intregation

Day 2: Level 2
~ Work with the Meridian lines over the body.
~ Your Alignment/Connection (your treatments)
~ Level 1 & 2 Certificate

The S.A.C. is a high Vibrational Light Energy, which assist in Shifting your Vibrational Frequency, allowing you the Space for the Clearing of Trapped Emotional Patterns.

It also Stimulates and Activates your Dormant DNA Strands, propelling you closer to your Home Frequency, which is our natural state of love. (Oneness with the Universe).

This will bring your healing modality to the next level.

Workshop information

DATE: October 19/20, 2019
TIME: Sat 9 am to 5:30 pm
Sun 9 am to 3 pm
COST: $200 + hst = $230

I M P O R T AN T: A non refundable/non exchangeable and non reusable deposit/retainer of $100.00 is required to confirm your spot.

E-transfer to mike@enerqihealing.ca
Password is crystals

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