Your Inner Goddess

There is so much talk about your inner goddess lately. It seems like everyone is doing something goddess. Me included.

Do you wonder what it is all about? Wondering where to start? Where is this inner goddess that so many speak of? Who is she? What does she look like? Feel like? And how in heck will I know when I have found her.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It really is all about honouring yourself, taking time to look after you, to listen to what you need, to put you first, your feelings, your wants and needs. And to understand that is it not selfish. It’s important for not only you, but for the relationships in your life.

When you connect with her, or reconnect with her and you start taking the time to happier, healthier, sexier, life will begin to feel full.

Women tend to be the primary care gives, looking after the children, managing family, and then we add work obligations on top of that, and then if you have to add looking after aging parents. Life gets crazy, tough and little to no time for yourself, a little self care and if we do, then most times we feel guilty.

So how can you start to find a little balance, a little time to carve out for yourself but not feel the guilt?

Its about learning how to sit in silence and relearning how your body relaxes. Maybe its a tub, maybe you lock yourself in your room and listen to a podcast or meditation, or even just some relaxing music. Start small just 10 or 15 minutes you just need to relearn, re train your body.

Think about the things that make your soul happy, something that invigorates you. A paint night with the ladies, a meditation, a massage, or reiki treatment, a book club the possibilities are endless just let yourself think about what you want, make a bucket list and then follow through.

Start realigning your inner you with your outer you!

You will feel amazing!

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