Filling Your Cup

Life seems to be so busy all the time, we are rushing from one thing to the next, to the next to the next. And we don’t have time to take a breath before we move on to the next thing.

We have so many people we need to look after, we have so many things on our plate. We don’t even realize that we have emptied our cup and we have nothing left to give ourselves let alone anyone else.

It’s time to fill your cup! To do something for yourself everyday so you can keep your cup full.

Take care of yourself first.

Do you know how to fill your cup?

First crave out a little me time once a day and a bigger chunk once a week. I bet the first thing you are thinking is I don’t have any extra time. Well let me tell you how easy it is to give yourself 15 minute to 30 minutes, and how what you can do.

Get up a early – I know you are thinking no freaking way…. but trust me that extra 30 minutes in the morning of me time will be worth it. You can……..

~ Go for a walk, through on your headphones and listen to a podcast, some music, a book or a walking mediatation.

~ You can sit on your deck have a cup of tea, listen to the birds enjoy the fresh air. You can again listen to a pod cast, music, read a book, journal it is limitless.

~ Take an extra few minutes at night and have a tub, pamper yourself light a candle, use your favorite essential oil, play some relaxing music.

~Eat healthy

~Drink Water




~Day Dream

~ Carry some stones

~ Use essential oils


~ take a nap

~ sing

~diffuse your favourite oils

It doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it should be just the opposite.

“Self Care is not self indulgence. Self Care is self respect”

Namaste Tabatha

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