Goddess Speak your Truth

Give yourself permission to speak your truth!!! To listen to your needs!! To connect with what you desire!!

Give yourself permission to communicate what it is you need and want in your life. We so often tend to hold back and to bury the our desires, because we have been taught to always look after everyone else first, to be a good wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend etc etc etc but what ends up happening is that we deplete ourselves, we forget who our true authentic self is.

So take some time, go inside and remember all those dreams, and plans, and visions you have. Stop compromising yourself to accommodate others. You are worth self care, you are worth your dreams and visions, you are worth it!

Allow yourself to make the decision to improve yourself mind, body and spirit. Give yourself permission to grow, to prosper, to have peace and contentment, to be healthy and vibrant….. to be the best version of you!

Let your inner light shine.

You have an inner light, a special glow, that no one else has.

You were born to shine!!

#reiki #healing #innergoddess #goddess #happiness #chakragoddes #crystalhealing #crystals #gemstones #innerpeace #innerhappiness #innerjourney #innerlove #meditation

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