Are your honouring Your inner Goddess?

Do you take the time to honour your inner goddess? Do you wonder who to start the process? Or what or who your inner goddess even is? Or do you think, do I even have an inner goddess?

We all have an inner goddess, that woman inside of us who is confident, sexy, secure, vibrant, grounded, strong. Sometimes she get buried under all the junk that we stuff inside, all the “things” we need to do, all the people we need to look after.

When we talk about honouring your inner goddess is really relates to self care, to taking care of ourselves. When we ignore our authentic self we may develop issues with self-esteem, communication, anxiety, unhappiness, anger. We are out of alignment, we have forgotten or buried our values, the things that our important to us, to who we are.

All you need to do is to find that inner feminine magic. Its not as hard as you think.

Just start with reconnecting with inner self, maybe its a morning meditation, yoga, journaling, starting your day with gratitude, watch the sunrise, or the sunset the list is endless.

What is really is, is taking some me time. Start small crave out 10 or 15 minutes a day to call your own to do something just for you.

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