This little Wellness Studio is my Pride and Joy

Today as I am working on some new programs for Oh My Soul and Journey, I can’t believe how much I have grown over these past 5 years. What an amazing journey I have been on. I could not have done it with out all the people who have travelled with me. Some that are still with me since day one, some that have taught me lessons and have moved on. I am thankful for all of you I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Not all lessons have been sweet, some have been down right messy and hurtful, but they have taught me well. I am grateful for you all.

Oh My Soul and Journey is my dream come true, I am blessed to have this amazing little space to be about to share my love of energy work, and to be able to live my dream, my passion and my vision. My heart is over flowing with love, gratitude, and pride.

I want to give a big hug and thank you for all you amazing ladies who are part of my tribe, my circle. I am so excited to see how we all grow and transform together on this wonderful journey honouring who we are, honouring our inner goddess.

I have been working on some new ideas, classes and courses for this next year!!! Stay tuned!!

Never give up on your dreams

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