Tidbit Tuesday

Happy Tuesday…… it is a dreary day here in Saint John NB. Damp and chilly. I am ready for warm weather, flip flops and summer fun.

Are you living in a different world than the rest of your family and friends? Are you living in a world of energy? A healing energy, changing your life, your relationships, healing yourself?

Are you on a journey to living in a balanced state of Mind, Body and Spirit?

Are you ready to transform?

Do you feel lost and alone?

Or have you been living this way for awhile?

Let’s share our tidbits of information that helped up along the way. That helped us transform, or that helped us live our authentic self. Where did you start, how do you keep going?

Here are some of the things I have done and still do to help me along the way:

Reiki, journaling, yoga, oracle card, readings , gem stones, essential oils, water, learning about chakras, SAC, Chios, mediation, self care, sleep, drumming, being out in nature, going for a walk.

You don’t have to do everything at once, just pick one thing and get started, or add something new. Your inner self will thank you.

Share your Tuesday Tidbits

#holistic #healing #wellness #innergoddess #chakras #yoga #journaling #journal #gemstones #reiki #chios #loveyourselffirst #essentialoils #YLO #iinerjourney #innerpeace #mindbodyspirit

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