For the Love of Reiki

Have you been wondering what reiki is? How it works? And if you should try it?

Reiki is an Japanese based energy technique in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or over your body ( you are fully dressed and under blankets, on a massage table, soft lightening and music playing) and it works by balancing the body’s energy field and energy centers ( your chakras). You will feel a warm heat or tingling as the reiki goes to work to relieve stress, promote a deep state of relaxation and with your own intentions can and I believe will help to promote your own healing- mind, body and soul.

The process is very simple but it usually produces profound effects. People often try Reiki to help with their energy levels or to help manage their daily stress. Some will come to help themselves spiritually and to heal old stuff that gets stuck and blocks our emotional stuff.  And many continue to keep getting treatments to maintain that harmony and balance state it creates.

Most of my clients who come for Reiki treatments that when they balance their system it helps them to cope better with stress, anxiety, depression and so much more.

If you are looking to create harmony and balance in your life and not sure where to start, then reiki maybe the modality for you.  This non invasive energy healing the body’s natural healing ability while promoting overall wellness. It works on restoring balance on all levels working directly on the problem and condition not just relieving symptoms.

So if you are looking for some balance in your life:  Mind, Body and Soul give Reiki a try.  You will leave feeling relaxed, restored and rested.

Reiki is a massage for you Soul.

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