Dream Big~ Take Action ~ Believe in Yourself!

It’s hard to believe that another month has come and gone.  It has been a cold one! I am ready for longer days, sunshine and warm days. 

Even though we have had cold weather, snow storms it has been an amazing month at Oh My Soul and Journey. I thank all of you amazing people who have come out and joined me at the studio for all our classes, events and workshops.  Looking forward to sharing next month with you all.

Today I am going to take some time and review my goals that I set for myself for February and take some time to see what worked and what didn’t and then set my goals for March.  Remember if you feel like you didn’t meet your goals, then take some time and think about why you didn’t reach it, and if it is something you still need or want in your life. How we think about our end result changes as we grow, as we heal, learn and change. Only you have to power to change what is not working for you.  Take some time and acknowledge what’s not working and  don’t think of it as a failure but as a lesson.


Dream Big You Are Worth It!!

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